Frequently Asked Questions

"I receive offers for my property all the time, why should I choose Land Avion, LLC?"

We are trusted source that has been involved in land acquisition since the 1990s. We streamline the process of selling. Our online avenue is quick, efficient, and hassle free for our customers.

"I dont want to submit my property through this site, can I call instead?"

Yes.  Please call 575-201-3662. We want your business.

"What will you do with my property once you buy it?"

We try and find a way to add more value to the property, that may include putting a structure on the property, digging a well, putting a septic tank, or pulling utilities to the property.  We may sell it to people that are looking for that particular parcel.

"What are the benefits of submitting my property information on this website?"

Benefits of using LandAvion:

  • We can formalize an offer to you quickly and efficiently.

  • We can inform you the cash amount upon submission of your property information without any effort on your side.

  • You will get an fast offer.

"Is there a cost for your services?"

NO. Never. Not a dime. We pay you and pay all the other costs. No realty fees, no closing costs, no title costs.

"How quickly can you make me an offer?"

Typically we will get back in contact with you within 24 hours.  Normally we can make an offer soon after contacting you.

"You sent me a purchase agreement, what is that?"

It is an agreement to buy your land for cash quickly.

"How do I get paid for my property?"

Normally, we send a notary to you that will have a cashiers check in hand.  With COVAID-19, they won’t enter your home but handle the transaction outside your house while wearing a mask. When all the documents have been signed by you the notary hands you the check. 

A new option that has worked well for us is to to use online Notarization via You are able to notarize 24/7 when you are ready without having to meet anyone.  We always pull the cashiers check ahead of time and send you picture to prove that we have everything ready to go.   When we get the notification the documents are notarized from we overnight you the cashiers check.  

"Do you sell properties?"

Yes. Ask to be put on our buyers list or navigate to our sister site .